Agrecom, Inc. provides pest control service to agricultural, residential and commercial customers in California and Colorado. Please contact us if you have questions about pest issues and the services we provide.

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Poultry Farms

Many factors influence the health of poultry.  Having said that, it is important to understand that the sanitary condition of a poultry house is adversely impacted by numerous influences (i.e. rodents, insects, portable equipment, etc...) Our expertise in the area of poultry farm sanitation provides our customers with the process and products that can reduce the impact that the farm environment has in the live production model.   We have assisted our customers in developing sanitation and pest control programs that improve the overall sanitary condition of the common poultry farm.  If we can reduce the number of variables that impact the health of a farm by improving rodent control, darkling beetle control, drinking water quality and house sanitary condition, we can allow the farm manager to focus their efforts on other production items.


Our approach to this topic is site specific in that we do not assume that we can solve every problem with the same solution.  We survey the situation and develop a comprehensive program that will provide success on an ongoing basis.

Poultry House Disinfection


Using the Spray Sled Method of applying Formaldehyde, we provide a full service poultry house-disinfecting program that assists our customers in producing a healthy flock.  Formaldehyde has been used by the industry for decades as the last resort in solving some of the most troublesome disease issues.  We feel that we provide our customers with the best service in the industry at a competitive price.


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