Agrecom, Inc. provides pest control service to agricultural, residential and commercial customers in California and Colorado. Please contact us if you have questions about pest issues and the services we provide.

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Pest Control

Agrecom, Inc.  is in business to solve customer?s problems. Our services and products have evolved through the years to match the varied needs of our customers business.   Every pest control program is unique.  No two customer?s pest control requirements are the same so we must tailor our service to meet the situation.


We have provided pest control services in many different industries that include poultry, dairy, produce, wineries, feed mills, private residences, hospitality, etc.  Our name reflects the business segments we serve - AGriculture, REsidential, and COMmercial.  We are called in to solve the ?tough? pest control problems and have been very successful in developing a program that solves issues and establish ongoing control of the situation.


Protecting the environment from the unnecessary overuse of pesticides is something we take very seriously.  We strive to find pest control solutions that do not require pesticides or look at products that reduce our impact on our environment.   Most pest issues can be corrected by either installing exclusion devices or by modifying our cultural practices.  Our technicians are trained to look for these two methods of pest control first before applying a pesticide option.   In almost every case, our customer benefits financially since the non-pesticide options are usually less costly.

Pest Control Services Offered

?        Crawling Insect Control

?        Rodent Control

?        Squirrel Control

?        Prairie Dog Abatement

?        Nuisance Bird Control

?        Weed Control

?        Flying Insect Control

?        Darkling Beetle Control

?        Store Products Pest Control

?        Bar-code Scanning Based Service Documentation.

?        Farm Rodent Program Oversight and Auditing


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Agrecom, Inc. announces a great way to stay connected to the information that is important our commercial and agricultural customers.  With the new Agrecom Connect DropBox, you can have access to the important documents from any computer or smart phone.  Contact Agrecom and see how you can get connected or click on our Agrecome Customer Login link below.

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